St Luke's Catholic Primary School


17 Duffy Terrace
Woodvale WA 6026
9306 6600

School Performance

St Luke’s 2017 School Performance Information

St Luke’s Catholic Primary School, Woodvale, is a double stream primary school comprised of 463 students from Kindergarten to Year 6 serving the Woodvale Parish Community.

St Luke's 2017 AGM Reports

Annual Principal’s Report 2017
Good evening everyone and thank you for attending the school community AGM. My report will be a brief overview of the important academic achievements we have made this year in terms of educational programs and outline our direction and initiatives planned for 2018.
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Board Chair Report 2017- John Mason
In 2017 the Board continued in its role planning for the present and future operation of the school, assisting with financial management and matters of school policy. We were committed to increasing both the services the school could provide to the students and the infrastructure and resources available.
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Treasurer’s Report
The estimated end of year financial performance is showing to be consistent with the Budget. As at end of October 2017 all government funding had been received. The
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