St Luke's Catholic Primary School


17 Duffy Terrace
Woodvale WA 6026
9306 6600

General Information

School Times (Years 1 - 6)

Before school supervision by staff in undercover area 8.10am - 8.35am - includes Pre-primary)

School commences 8.35am (Doors open 8.30am. Classes commence 8.35am)
Recess 10.40am – 11.00am
Lunch 1.00pm – 1.40pm
End of Tuition Time 2.55pm

Supervision of students by staff at kiss n ride 2.55pm - 3.10pm

School Times (Kindy and Pre-primary)

School commences 8.35am (Doors open 8.30am. Classes commence 8.35am)
Recess 10.40am-11.00am
Lunch 1pm-1.40pm
End of Tuition 2.40pm - Pre-primary
2.40pm - Kindy

Supervision of students by staff at kiss n ride 2.40pm - 3.10pm

Please note kindy children must be dropped off and picked up directly from the kindergarten.

School Office

Any child who leaves the school grounds must be “signed out” by an adult. If they return during the school day, they are to be signed “in”. Please remember to inform the office staff of changes of address or telephone number as this is important, especially in an emergency. A weekly newsletter is distributed every Wednesday to families via email (copies are placed on the school‟s website). The term calendar is also placed on the school‟s website and is updated regularly. Banking is every Wednesday. A lost property box is located in the compactus room in the school office. This is sorted from time to time and any unclaimed items are sent to St Vincent de Paul.

After School Hours Care Program

St Luke's CPS has an After School Hours Care Program that is privately run by Moolanda Care and Learning Centre.
The service is run in the Parish Centre which is situated in our adjacent St Luke's Church.
Before school care runs from 6.45am - 8.35am and after school care from 2.55pm - 6pm.
Children are escorted by staff up to the classrooms in the morning and down to the centre in the afternoon
For details of the Centre's current fee schedule and availability, please contact the Office.
Child Care Benefit and Child Care Rebates my apply.
Phone: - (08) 9309 1722
Email: -
Website: -

Role of Parents

The family by its very nature, is the first and most important influence in the development of religious faith in the child. Catholic Schools, in support of this, influence the religious faith development of students – directly through their education in faith programmes and indirectly through their environment and climate of Christian community. Parents who enrol their children at our school are asking us to share with them the responsibility of bringing up their children as Christians. The School is the supporter in this important family role.

It is essential for the parents and teachers to cooperate for the good of the child. By showing interest in the child’s activities at school and by involving themselves in the school community the parents will ensure that their child receives the full benefits of a Christian education.

We encourage courtesy, respect and self-discipline from each child at school and trust that these attitudes are developed and fostered at home.

It is the responsibility of parent to provide a supportive environment for the school within the home. This involves preparing the child for school each day, ensuring that they are properly equipped and punctual, fostering pride in the school and upholding ideals.

Telethon Speech and Hearing Centre

The Telethon Speech and Hearing Centre at St Luke’s began when the school opened in 1989. The unit is run by staff from the Telethon Speech and Hearing School.

The unit caters for children with a hearing loss that needs amplification and focuses on auditory, speech and language skills. The unit’s philosophy is to support students in a fully integrated programme. The students receive up to 45 minutes per day in individual tutorial sessions. In-class support is offered where necessary. Other support e.g. Speech Therapist, Psychologist and Audiologist, is also available through the Telethon Speech and Hearing Centre.

Children with hearing impairment can undertake their early intervention at the Telethon Speech and Hearing Centre in Wembley before moving to a unit at either St Luke’s in Woodvale, St Brigid’s in Lesmurdie or Newman Junior College in Floreat.

Specialist Staff and Classes

Throughout the year our students participate in specialist classes of Humanities and Social Sciences, Physical Education, Music, Dance, Visual Arts and Italian. The School Nurse currently provides screening, beginning in Pre-Primary. For other year levels, parental consent for testing must be obtained. St Luke's Social Worker is currently available two days per week (Thursday and Friday). Appointments may be made with the school secretary or by seeing the social worker personally. There is a private Music Tutoring programme that students can be involved with. A Support Teacher provides extra help for students, through Reading Recovery and small group lessons.


Assemblies are held on Fridays in the undercover area starting at 8.40am. At particular assemblies, merit awards are distributed. Please see our term calendar as to which weeks our assemblies are taking place.

Birthday Celebrations

Children‟s birthdays are special occasions with the school acknowledging them through the school newsletter. We encourage parents to celebrate their child‟s birthday outside of school hours. Your child‟s teacher will advise you at the beginning of the year if any other special acknowledgements or celebrations are permissible at school.


The students of St Luke‟s are required at all times to show respect to others in the school. Students who regularly disrupt others will be reminded of the school rules. Each class operates under a clearly articulated policy. This policy will be outlined by the class teacher at the beginning of each year. The school has a clear policy dealing with bullying that can be accessed on our website.


All excursions and incursions costs are collected as part of the school fees. Permission forms need to be signed giving students permission to attend these functions and often parent help is needed. A four day camp is held in Year Six.


Homework time allocations are as follows: Years 1-3 (15 – 30 minutes), Years 4-5 (30 – 45 minutes) and Year 6 (30 – 60 minutes). Homework is usually given between Monday and Friday.

Mobile Phones

At St Luke's School we understand that mobile phones fill a need for some families, especially in relation to the occasional issues that arise with before or after school safety and communication. There are a number of issues associated with mobile phones at school. These include security, interruptions to class programs, inappropriate use or overuse. Due to these issues, we prefer that students do not bring mobile phones to school.

If, however, you do require your child to have a mobile phone at school the following procedures apply:

  1. You child must keep the mobile phone in his/her school bag at all times while at school or, alternatively, it may be handed in to the front office where it will be signed in and kept securely for the school day. The phone can be collected at the end of the school day.
  2. Students who breach this requirement will be subject to our normal Student Behaviour Management consequences.
  3. Any phone calls, which students need to make, must be made through the Front Office. Should you need to get in contact with your child, then this should be done through the Front Office. One of our Front Office staff will get the message to your child.
  4. While loss or damage to a phone is extremely unlikely, it is a possibility and such loss is not covered by the school's insurance policy.

We hope parents appreciate the stance the school has to take on mobile phone use and actively support the above school procedures.

Parent Communication

Class teachers use a range of communication methods to inform parents of the activities of each class. Email, SMS, diaries and notes home are just some of the ways teachers will contact parents. A reminder that email communication should be used to make appointments, or pass on information to the teacher. To protect parents' privacy any email list generated should not be used by parents to contact other parents. The P&F liaison person for your year group may also ask if you would like to be on the group distribution list for P&F communication. Adding your name and email address to the list is strictly voluntary. All P&F generated email communication should be checked by the principal before sending.
SEQTA - is the product suite used to send whole class or whole school emails. Parents are encouraged to regularly check their emails for whole school communication sent via Seqta.

Parking, Drop Off and Pick Up

Please remember to never leave your car unattended unless it is parked in a marked park bay. Please park legally in Duffy Terrace and Parkside Ramble. Do not block the Kingsley entrance lane to the school or traffic passing on Duffy Terrace and Parkside Ramble. Children should not be dropped off or picked up in the delivery area and staff car park at any time. When picking up students after school the lane closest to the Church (Woodvale car park) and Lane 2 (Kingsley Car Park) are the Pre-Primary lanes until 2:50pm. There is to be no parking on the School side of Kingsley car park between 1.40pm and 3:10pm. Please move up to the blue line to enable more cars to line up inside the car park. Please do not call your children to your car as a staff member will usher them to your car when you get to the appropriate area. After 2:50pm please move up and use both lanes. The entrance/exit at the Whitfords end of the Duffy Terrace is only one way between 2:45pm and 3:10pm. Alternatively children can be picked up outside their classrooms, however cars should then be parked and not left in the pick-up drive throughs. Please refer to the map.


Due to Health and Safety Regulations, we ask that parents do not bring pets into the school grounds unless invited by teachers under special circumstances. Parents who walk their pets to and from school should prearrange with their child a meeting place just outside the school grounds.

Prescribed Medication

The parents/guardians of students who are required to self administer prescribed medication are to notify the principal of this requirement and all relevant details eg reason for medication, what form the medication takes, dosage, side effects, symptoms of misuse and the prescribing doctor. An emergency action plan must be developed for students with medical problems. The development of an emergency plan should be devised at the school level after consultation with the principal, parents/guardians and associated school staff. All students with special medical needs need to have a „Medical Care Alert‟ form completed yearly.

Reports and Work Books

Academic achievement reports are generated for PP-6 and released electronically at the conclusion of Semester One and Two. Workbooks are sent home each term.

School Colours

Kindy to Year Six classes are labelled 'Blue' and 'White', which are the colours of the school uniform. The classroom closest to the ocean is the Blue classroom.

Sip n Crunch

The practice of allowing children a time during the day to sip water from their water bottle and crunch on fruit or raw vegetables is at the discretion of your child‟s class teacher and will generally be made clear by your child‟s teacher at the beginning of the year.


The uniform shop is a service provided by the school and managed by the Uniform Shop Coordinator. Volunteers are rostered on and a note in the newsletter will indicate when help is needed.

More information regarding the Unifom shop can be found here.