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Uniform Shop

Download the Kindy and Pre Kindy Uniform Shop Price List.

Download the Pre Primary Uniform Shop Price List.

Download the Year 1-6 Uniform Shop Price List.

Download the Optional Winter Jackets 2019 Order Form.

Download the Optional Navy Tights 2019 Order Form.

Open Thursday 8am - 10am & 2.30pm - 3.30pm

Opening Hours

  • As shown above. Special opening hours for try-on days and at the start and end of the year will be advertised separately.
  • Requests for appointments outside these hours may be considered in exceptional circumstances only. Please make every effort to call in during normal trading hours before requesting a special appointment via the email address above

Second Hand Uniforms

  • Second hand uniforms and bags in good condition and of the current style are available for sale through the uniform shop.
  • • We recommend selling and buying second hand items through the Uniform Shop for the following reasons
    • o Shop staff will check second hand items to ensure they are in good condition and of the current style before offering them for sale
    • Many families look for second hand items while in the shop and prefer to buy them from the shop rather than directly from the seller
    • Sales through the shop return a good price to their owner and the small fee from the sale benefits the school community
    • Unsold items are donated to charity benefiting those less fortunate than ourselves

If you have second hand items to sell please bring them in during normal opening hours or leave them at the office and include a note with your name, phone number and email address. Items that can be sold second hand through the Uniform Shop are-

  • School dresses and Pinafores
  • School shorts and trousers
  • School shirts
  • School jumpers
  • School polos and house (faction) polos
  • School sport shorts
  • School track tops and track pants
  • School bags, excursion bags, homework and note folders
  • School scarves
  • School winter jackets
  • St. Luke’s Netball Club dresses

Sales prices for second hand items are set by the Uniform Shop as follows

  • Items in good condition are priced at approximately half of new price.
  • Items that have been altered or need minor repair (such as stitching) will be priced lower than those in good condition.

A small fee is withheld from every sale and this is used for various projects throughout the school.

Items not sold after two years or those considered unsaleable at the discretion of the Uniform Shop are donated to charity.

At the end of each semester the Uniform Shop will only contact owners of sold items to advise them that they have money waiting for collection.

Purchases of second hand uniforms and bags cannot be returned, exchanged or refunded under any circumstances so please choose carefully before buying.


  • New uniform purchases can be paid for by eftpos, cash, or cheque made payable to St. Luke’s Catholic Primary School.
  • Second hand uniforms and bags can only be paid for with cash.
  • All orders must be paid for in full upon collection.

Purchasing in person at the Uniform Shop

  • Order forms are not required when adults make a purchase in person at the shop.
  • Students are welcome to make purchases at the Uniform Shop. Please send a completed current order form with them including size and/or colour information as required.

Placing an order via the office or email

  • Please check that you are using the current form before placing an order.
  • Order forms are available on the school website, from the office or at the Uniform Shop.
  • If the order is paid for when placed it will be sent home with the student.
  • If the order is not paid for when placed an email will be sent when the order is ready advising you where to collect and pay for it.
  • Orders need to be received by the afternoon prior to the Uniform Shop’s trading day. Late orders will be filled the following week.
  • Unpaid orders not collected within 4 weeks will be cancelled and stock returned to the Uniform Shop.

Exchanges, returns and warranty claims

  • Keep your receipts. They will be needed for all exchanges, returns and warranty claims.
  • Please choose sizes carefully. We recommend that uniforms are tried on by the student prior to purchase.
  • New items can only be accepted for exchange or return within 3 months of purchase.
  • New items being exchanged or returned must not be worn, washed or damaged and must still have tags and packaging intact.
  • Warranty claims will need to be assessed by the manufacturer prior to new items being issued.
  • Second hand purchases cannot be returned, exchanged or refunded.

Custom made uniforms

  • Custom made sizes are available on request for some uniform items.
  • Prices are quoted on an individual basis.
  • CM uniforms may take several weeks to manufacture.
  • Please speak with the Uniform Shop Manager for more information well in advance of requirement.

Please ensure your children wear the correct uniform as outlined below.

Boys Girls
Summer (Worn all of 1st term, students may wear summer or winter uniform for the first two weeks of 2nd term, worn all of 4th term.)
St Luke's shorts St. Luke’s Summer Dress with embroidered logo
St. Luke’s Shirt short sleeve St. Luke’s V-neck Wool Jumper
St. Luke’s V-neck Wool Jumper Black Shoes with St. Luke’s Socks or Brown Sandals
Black Shoes with St. Luke’s Socks or Brown Sandals St. Luke’s Hat
St. Luke’s Hat  
Winter (Worn from week three of 2nd term and all of 3rd term.)
St. Luke’s Trousers St. Luke’s Winter Pinafore V-neck
St. Luke’s Shirt, short sleeve St. Luke’s Shirt, short
St. Luke’s V-neck Wool Jumper St. Luke’s V-neck Wool Jumper
Black Shoes with St. Luke’s Socks Black Shoes with St. Luke’s Socks or optional Navy Tights
St. Luke's hat St. Luke's hat
Optional St Luke’s winter jackets may also be worn over jumpers or tracksuit tops during Term 2 and 3 Optional St Luke’s scarves may also be worn with school or sport uniform during Term 2 and 3
Sport (Worn all year on sport and dance days) All students
St. Luke’s Sport Shorts  
St. Luke’s School Polo Shirt (worn on dance day) St. Luke’s House Polo Shirts (worn on sport day)
St. Luke’s Tracksuit Pants (optional) St. Luke’s Tracksuit Top with white logo (optional)
Black Sneakers (all black with no other visible colours or logos) St. Luke’s Sport Socks
St. Luke’s Hat  
Jewellery: A pair of studs or small sleepers (gold or silver only)
  A watch
  A necklace with a simple cross
Hair: Hair must be tied up if longer than shoulder length
  Hair dye is not to be used
  Plain hair ties or clips in the school colours of blue, navy or white
  Plain scrunchies or headbands in the school colours of blue, navy, white or covered in school fabric
Makeup: No makeup is to be used or brought to school